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The major mining company dilemma, time for a new entrant

The three largest landholders in Nevada are Barrick, Newmont, and Kinross, collectively holding 44,000 claims (880,000 acres).

On an annual basis this costs these juggernauts $9.7M to hold, collectively. Compared to revenue from operations, this amounts to a rounding error, disincentivizing exploration activities and joint venture partnerships.

Nevada’s Largest Landholders

Kinross, Barrick & Newmont




$ 9.7 mil

annual cost


Discoveries are made through sizable drilling budgets and a bit of luck.
With no deals being done by majors and minimal exploration expenditures, it is time for a nimble company to take a commanding position and structure deals that will result in the most money being spent on that ground.

Change of Control Concept


Acquire ground through staking


Obtain historic data and build a compelling exploration narrative


Find partners to explore, develop, and drill

As money comes pouring back into the sector with higher gold prices, Nevada King will be positioned to provide Venture companies with high quality, well packaged projects, ready for exploration and drilling.

The likelihood of a discovery is directly correlated to the amount of money spent in the ground and the amount of ground a company controls.

Becoming the storefront for junior mining
companies looking for their next great project.

TSX Venture Mining Deals


A Proven Model


Current position is worth $17M
(Dividended out to Nevada King shareholders
in January 2020)

2017 July

Acquired Iron Point Project for its gold potential for ~$200,000

2018 July

Uncovered old data exposing a large-scale vanadium prospect

2018 September

Nevada King (previously Casino Gold) signed a deal to option project to Paul Matysek’s Victory Metals (TSX-V:VMX) for $14.7M in stock, retaining a 1% NSR

Fixed NSR

Nevada King holds a 1% fixed NSR on Iron Point