Nov. 21, 2020

Victory Metals & Nevada King Announce
Business Combination

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Placing Big Bets
In The World’s
Most Prolific Gold
Mining Trend


Who We Are

When measured by concentration of gold ounces, the Battle Mountain Trend is the world’s most prolific producer - Pipeline, Cortez, Phoenix, McCoy/Cove, and Lone Tree are just a few of the world class mines that comprise the trend. These mines have laid the foundation for today’s mining juggernauts including Barrick and Newmont, and is the focus of Nevada King’s efforts.


Nevada King's focus is exclusively on the Battle Mountain Trend. Since 2015, Nevada King has staked five district size projects, making it the fifth largest active claim holder in the State of Nevada, when excluding claims associated to mining operations.


Nevada is rated by the Frasier Institute as the Worlds #1 mining district.


The Battle Mountain Mining Trend has produced over 200 million ounces of gold in the past 100 years and is unrivaled in its title as the world's most prolific gold mining region.


“People think production is how you make money; it is not, it is selling something at a high price, that is how you make money.”


Dr. Thomas Kaplan
Chairman and Founder of The Electrum Group

A goal to become the leader in Nevada

View Our Projects

Acquire district size projects that have had significant past work and drilling, by major operators


In close proximity to operating and past producing gold mines


Using a proprietary claim records database to find data rich environments, NOT staking based on geologic theories


And avoid costly option payments, work commitments, and NSRs by staking ground directly.

Our Mandate is Simple

Our mandate is simple – stake district size projects that have had significant past work and drilling, in close proximity to operating and past producing gold mines, while remaining inside the Battle Mountain Trend. Battle Mountain is the New York or London of the mining business and when a bull market unfolds, nowhere in the mining space fetches a higher premium.

By staking ground and avoiding option deals, our costs are fixed and there are no underlying NSRs or encumbrances. This results in maximum value for our shareholders.

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