Nevada's 3rd

In the Midst of a High-Grade Discovery at its 100%-owned Atlanta Gold Mine

Drilling 3 Projects in 2022

13,100 meters
of drilling in 2022

Atlanta Gold Mine

In the midst of a high-grade gold discovery at the past producing Atlanta Gold Mine

2021 drilling identified high-grade gold within the historic pit including 41.2m of 3.94 g/t Au and 54.9m of 5.34 g/t Au, as well as a new high-grade discovery 560m north of the Atlanta Pit

Recent gold cyanide solubility testing demonstrated a weighted average 86.7% across 986 samples

Actively drilling 13,100 meters in 2022

5,400 meters
of drilling in 2022

Iron Point

Drilling for Lower Plate Gold at the intersection of two major trends

Lies at the intersection of the prolific Battle Mountain-Cortez and Getchell-Twin Creeks gold trend

5,400 meters of drilling in 2022

Following up on a 2019 gold discovery in Lower Plate rock

3,000 meters
of drilling in 2022

Lewis Project

One of the last remaining gold targets in the heart of the Battle Mountain Trend

Adjacent to and on trend with Nevada Gold Mine’s Hilltop gold deposit

Intersected 83.9m of 1.04 g/t Au in 2021 drilling

A historically significant gold mining district in the heart of elephant country.

Nevada King is a... growing mineral claim holder.

About Us
Dominant Explorer

A dominant explorer and developer focused exclusively on the Battle Mountain Trend, Nevada’s most prolific gold mining belt.

3rd Largest Active Claim

Nevada’s 3rd largest active claim holder, with plans to become its 2nd largest.

Capitalized & Experienced

A well capitalized and highly experienced team with a goal to disrupt Nevada exploration.

Building the Nevada King Portfolio Through Staking


When possible, stake project directly, avoiding underlying NSRs, option payments, and work commitments; 98% of Nevada King’s ground is royalty free.


An identified mineral trend possessing obvious mineral potential and strong name/place recognition.


Concentrate efforts proximal to areas currently being mined or explored by well-known operators.


Focus on mineral lands that were previously held and explored by major mining/exploration entities.

If acquiring claims from a third party, there must be sufficient open ground to stake around the core project area to accommodate a district-scale target. Third party targets must host drill-indicated/inferred historical resources and possess documentary data.

“People think production is how you make money, it is not,
it is selling something at a high price, that is how you
make money.”


Dr. Thomas Kaplan

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